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On treated wood used for structural applications (joists, beams, posts), you’ll see fine incisions on the surface of the wood that allow for better preservative penetration. Incising is the process of piercing the surface of wood with small slits, before treatment, to allow more preservative to consistently penetrate beyond the surface of the wood. Incising improves protection and lengthens the service life of treated wood. It also helps to reduce surface splitting by decreasing the surface tension. Incising is required to meet treating penetration requirements to provide sufficient preservative performance of structural materials.

For more information on which products should be incised see the MicroPro Sienna Residential Treated Wood Use Category Guide.

Actual product colour may vary from colour shown in photos.
MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood products are produced by independently owned and operated wood preserving facilities.
MicroPro, MicroPro Sienna, and Cut-N-Seal are registered trademarks of Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc.