For Non-Residential Use

MicroPro SPEC wood products are treated with MicroPro® Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) preservative technology, a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood to provide long-term protection for wood exposed in exterior applications from fungal decay and termite attack. MicroPro SPEC Treated Wood products can be used in non-residential construction, i.e., agricultural and commercial applications, in above ground, in ground contact and in freshwater contact. Examples include decks, boardwalks, freshwater docks, building posts and poles, round fence and landscaping.

MicroPro SPEC Treated Wood is specifically designed to satisfy the architect, specifier or designer in obtaining the best product for a given application. In most cases, MicroPro SPEC Treated Wood will not be stocked in conventional building material stores. Instead, MicroPro SPEC must be specified for each application.

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La couleur réelle du produit peut varier par rapport à la couleur montrée dans les photos.
Les produits en bois traité MicroPro SPEC proviennent d’usines de préservation du bois de propriété et d’exploitation indépendantes.
MicroPro est une marque déposée de Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc.